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"Internet +" era of elevator monitoring into the stage of innovation 2.0

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Elevator is a daily routine commonly used in a tool, the use of the number of rising. According to the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued data, in 2014 China's registered elevator has reached 3.598 million units, 2015 is expected to continue to add 60 to 650,000 units. China has become the world's first country with elevator holdings, annual output and annual growth, while Shanghai and Beijing have the second largest number of cities in the world. Although with the increase in the number of elevators, elevator quality and safety issues become more and more prominent, the main responsibility of the elevator management is not clear, the selection configuration and the use of conditions are not suited to maintenance is not in place, residential special maintenance funds use channels are not smooth , As well as the gradual increase in old elevator and other reasons, the elevator accident occurred, the elevator trapped and other failures are still more, the safety level of elevators and the people increasingly improve the safety and convenience of the demand there is a big gap.
July 16, 2014 Guangzhou City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision released data show that in the first half of 2014, Guangzhou, a total of 2562 traps were trapped, 1386 cases of rescue, rescue trapped 6947 people. Among them, the failure of the elevator in June 70% occurred in residential quarters.
In 2015, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed in the government work report to develop "Internet" action plan to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, large data, Internet of things and modern manufacturing combined to promote e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet financial health. How to stand on the "Internet" on the outlet, to protect the public safe ride, to facilitate the ride? This has also become a new topic in the elevator industry.
China Elevator application technology can be divided into three stages. The first stage of the elevator manufacturers in the country took the lead in the way to take a wired telephone network to establish a remote monitoring system, which is the prototype of the application of elevator objects. As the wireless base station at that time, the signal is not stable, can only take the telephone line to achieve the elevator and the factory monitoring center or the physical monitoring platform for physical connection. Due to the restrictions on the field wiring, coupled with expensive telephone landline costs, making this technology is not easy to promote, most other manufacturers are in a wait state.
With the development of mobile communication technology and the continuous construction of digital base stations, mobile digital network coverage area continues to expand, elevators and other manufacturers to quickly upgrade the elevator cable remote monitoring system for wireless remote monitoring system, which is the second phase of the development of elevator things, Promote the Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other cities 96333 emergency platform construction. Elevator wireless remote monitoring alarm system using wireless digital signal transmission, only the scene with mobile signal coverage can be installed easily, not subject to building wiring restrictions, with abnormal automatic warning, off people automatically alarm, automatic fault reporting, remote two-way call , Active query and other functions. From the actual operation of the effect, this system makes the elevator failure alarm greatly enhance the timeliness of the elevator maintenance more efficient, more reliable quality assurance, significantly reduce the incidence of accidents, effectively improve the elevator operating safety level.
In the innovation of 2.0 under the Internet and elevator manufacturing and maintenance of such a traditional industry integration development, showing a new form, new format. China's elevator industry as one of China's earliest open industrial areas, has long been out of the "rough, stupid, silly, big" traditional manufacturing backward image, both in the market size or technical standards have leapt to the international Forefront, has long been into the "innovation 2.0" stage. With the development of new generation of information technology, the domestic mainstream elevator enterprises are reshaping the new form of new generation of information technology, such as elevator Internet of things, cloud computing, social computing and large data, that is, the "Internet" of the elevator industry (Cloud media), Internet elevator intelligent (passenger flow intelligent management system), Internet elevator safety (new wireless remote monitoring system). Among them, the "Internet elevator safety" is the most important, but also the third phase of the development of elevator Internet of things to "Internet elevator safety" as the representative of the industry 4.0 must break in the elevator procurement, management, supervision and other fields Traditional thinking, from the elevator design, production, sales to installation, maintenance, transformation, replacement and management, supervision of the entire process of the elevator industry to carry out a revolutionary transformation, which will help accelerate the formation of "corporate responsibility, the government Unified leadership, the joint supervision of departments, inspection technology checks, the community wide participation "of the multi-governance elevator safety long-term mechanism.

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