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The world's first elevator parts scrapped standards introduced

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The National Standards Committee held a media conference on the 20th, issued the "elevator main parts scrapped technical conditions" national standards. The standard developed by our own, the current international there is no relevant international standards. The main regulations of the "safety protection devices, emergency rescue devices, wells and safety doors and doors, drive the host, car, floor doors and car doors, electrical control device" and other 13 on the safe operation of the elevator more important parts of the elevator scrapped Technical conditions, to fill the elevator industry at home and abroad for many years the lack of elevator scrapped the relevant standards of the blank.
According to reports, the number of elevators in China has reached 3.6 million units, of which the use of more than 15 years of the elevator has more than 80,000 units, the old elevator safety risks of widespread concern. Due to the design and manufacture, installation, maintenance and use of a variety of factors such as the impact of the elevator machine life there is a big difference, it is difficult to develop the elevator machine waste standard. Through the existence of failure or potential failure of the main components of the risk of retirement to promote the elevator machine renovation, help to improve the operation of the elevator equipment safety and service life.
The new standard also takes into account public safety and resource conservation. To Shanghai, for example, the current life of more than 15 years of the elevator has 2 million units, such as according to 15 years of design life all the overall retirement, the average cost of 400,000 yuan per calculation, you need more than 8 billion yuan investment, But only to retire and replace the safety performance does not meet the requirements of the components so that the elevator to maintain safe operation to replace 20% of the parts calculation, you can save more than 6.4 billion yuan of funds.
The new standard will be implemented on February 1 next year and will accelerate the upgrading of elevators, especially old elevators, to enhance the safety performance of elevators. At the same time, the National Standards Committee will also accelerate the "escalator and automatic sidewalk main components of the scrapped technical conditions," the development of national standards, improve the elevator product scrapped national standard system, and constantly improve the safe operation of old elevator level.

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